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Guidelines on Pathways to Care

A guide for parents and carers: Guidelines on Pathways to Care for children and adolescents with intellectual disability and challenging behaviour and/or mental health problems.  

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Devlopmental Psychiatry Clinic Evaluation

The Developmental Psychiatry Clinic has been evaluated by the Centre for Disability Studies. Access the document by clicking on the image below.

MOU between ADHC and Health
Excutive Summary

View the executive summary of the "Leading the Way in Mental Health and Intellectual Disability" needs analysis report here.


Education Services

The NSW Department of Education has in place a range of programs and services to support participation and the achievement of positive outcomes by students with disabilities from their early years prior to entering school through to post-school preparation for adult life and the workforce and to lifelong learning. The Department provides staff with specialist expertise, including student counsellors and careers advisers, in schools and TAFE NSW who are available to assist all students, including those with disabilities. Schools and campuses may also have peer support programs and student associations.

More information about programs to support student health and welfare can be located at the DoE website here.

Information about Every Student, Every School can be located here on the DoE website.

To find out more about support services at TAFE Colleges click here.

DoE disability policies and procedures can be located here.  

The DoE Special Education Handbook can be downloaded here.