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Guidelines on Pathways to Care

A guide for parents and carers: Guidelines on Pathways to Care for children and adolescents with intellectual disability and challenging behaviour and/or mental health problems.  

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Devlopmental Psychiatry Clinic Evaluation

The Developmental Psychiatry Clinic has been evaluated by the Centre for Disability Studies. Access the document by clicking on the image below.

MOU between ADHC and Health
Excutive Summary

View the executive summary of the "Leading the Way in Mental Health and Intellectual Disability" needs analysis report here.



Services and Pathways for South East Sydney

South East Sydney Local Health District School-Link has created a directory of services and pathways to mental health care for all children and adolescents, including those with an intellectual disabilty. The document Child, Adolescent and Youth Mental Health & Counselling Pathways: South East Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD) can be downloaded by clicking on the link.

Holiday Cards

Not everyone looks forward to the holidays. Holidays are not always the happy and fun time that we would like them to be. This holiday card and counsellor checklist is designed for counsellors and young people to complete together. This resource was designed by Sydney Local Health District School-Link.


Schoolkit Tool-Kit to set up School based Clinics for Students with Complex Needs

The MRID Schoolkit provides the key tools to help set up and maintain school-based clinics to support children and adolescents with complex needs. Schoolkit Clinics bring together the people involved in a student’s care in round-table discussions to address health and educational issues in a holistic manner. Schoolkit Transition Clinics focus specifically on the major changes involved in moving on to post-school life.

Children and young people with learning disability: Understanding their mental health.